Tuesday, September 11, 2007

PLN week 1-post 1

For my first PLN post I decided to look at a post on http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com, on there is a power point called “Did you know”. When I first saw this I was just blown away, though most of it didn’t actually surprise me. It is a presentation about mostly technology and the advancements made and being made. It definitely got the point across to honestly just make people think.

There are things on there you wouldn’t have guessed, one that caught my interest was that it said “if you are one in a million in China… there are 1300 people just like you” talk about having a twin! Some of it was more random than other stuff, but some was really just imaginative, but probably true. It talked about how in the “future” there will be a computer that exceeds the capability of the human mind. Now the first thing that came to me was; robots are going to out-smart us and take over the world! Well I don’t belive that we know what we are fully capable of so how could we make a computer that’s as smart as us, if we don’t even know how smart we are?!

In my social studies class we were discussing all the stages we have economically gone through as a country, and even as a world. There was the “cave men” age (I suppose), agriculture age, industrial age, and now the technological age. So what will be next? I don’t think anyone really knows what next huge breakthrough we will make. Maybe something in medicine, they could find a cure for cancer, which would change a lot of things! Or what if we were to find another world out there, this galaxy is huge, bigger than we can even comprehend. We’ve only studied our backyard, there’s a whole universe to explore!

There is no doubt of how quickly and drastically we are changing economically (mainly technologically), so what will the world look like in just 10 years? Will I have a computer chip installed in me that connects me to anything or anyone within internet and communication devises? Will kindergarteners be learning to type, instead of write? Are these changes good? Or are we getting way over our head? I’m really not sure all I can do is I guess just wait and see.

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annes said...

Kelly you did a great job responding to the post about Did you Know. This was well written, made all the connections as well as asked some really interesting questions. Keep up the good work.